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Ag Energy Co-operative’s microSOLAR project exceeds Ontario Content Rules

Woodslee Farm Family makes sure to say an extra prayer for sunlight

Ray Tracey, a professional engineer and cash crop farmer, is realizing the benefits of Ontario’s feedin-tariff regime at work…and at home. At his homestead in Southwestern Ontario, Ray and his wife Debbie have commissioned one of the first microFIT contracts in the province. The two believe their project is a great environmental business opportunity for their farm. Debbie says “we like the idea that we can see our investment outside our window…we add an extra prayer everyday for sunshine.” Ray adds “the project was a natural fit for the landscape of our farm and it′s something that can make our children’s future a little bit brighter.”

Under The Green Energy Act, Ontarians can help green our electricity grid while receiving payment for the energy they produce. Solar PV systems under 10kW are granted 80.2 cents per kWh for a guaranteed 20 year contract with the Ontario Power Authority. Ag Energy Co-operative and Essex Energy have joined together to provide a turn-key, 10kW ground-mounted solar system that will be ideal for farm businesses due to its minimal impact on productive farmland and sound financial returns.

To meet Ontario content requirements, a local greenhouse manufacturer in Leamington, Ontario was approached by Essex Energy to produce the racking for their turn-key project. Working together, Essex Energy, and Ag Energy Co-op. have created a solar PV project that exceeds the Ontario content rules.