When will you start installing solar panels?
Now that the Green Energy Act is in place, we are installing systems on a “first come-first served” basis.
Are you doing the installations?
Ag Energy Co-operative will be administering the program. We have established a strategic alliance with Essex Energy after looking at a number of potential partners. Essex will be responsible for the actual design and installation of the solar system.
Who is manufacturing the solar panels and inverters?
The solar panels are manufactured by Canadian Solar. Our solar inverters (which convert power from DC to AC to be used by the power grid)are manufactured by SMA Inverters./dd>
How big is the array and where will it be located?
Front view of one of our Solar arraysThe system covers up to 1,500 sq. ft and is rated at 10 kW. A ground-mounted system avoids the need for a structural engineering study to determine if roof mounting is feasible. It will also speed up installation. Both the ground and roof location of the system will be site specific and will depend upon such factors as trees, hills, structures, orientation of the property and the location of your electrical service/meter. We will work with you to decide on the best placement.
How will I receive payment for the electricity generated?
Image of a Solar array as a piggy bankYou will receive contract payments from your local distribution company for the electricity produced from your microFIT project. Your local distribution company makes these payments on behalf of the OPA. These payments will be made to you according to the regular billing cycle of your local distribution company.
Is there a contract?
Yes. There will be a Feed-in Tariff (FIT) Contract with the Ontario government which stipulates the feed-in-tariff payable and which will be in force for a twenty year period.
Can I install more than one system?
Yes. However, you may be subject to a lower feed-in-tariff which is paid to installations larger than 10 kW. Also, if you have more than one location, that is, different service addresses, you will be able to have a contract for each.
I still have more questions… Who can I contact?
Ag Energy Co-operative 45 Speedvale Avenue East Guelph, ON N1H 1J2 WorkToll-Free:  1-888-866-7575 http://www.agsolar.ca

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